Weekly Events

ES runs a number of events throughout the week to help you connect with Christians on campus, grow in God's word and be trained to reach the campus and the world for Christ.

Uni Bible Talks (UBTs) are our main public meetings in ES where we gather as a whole fellowship around the teaching of God's Word by one of our staffworkers. UBTs run 12pm Tuesday and Wednesday at UQ Chaplaincy | Building 38, Room 102. Stick around for lunch with us for the hour after!

Our faculty-based Small Groups are open to everyone, to get to know Jesus better and what it means to live for Him, through studying the Bible. For more information and bible study times, see Small Groups.

Training courses run from week 4 of semester at UQ Chaplaincy (Building 38), before the bible talks (11am) Tuesday and Wednesday. Each semester there are three training courses: Know and Tell the Gospel, Bible Study Leading, and and Life after Uni. The same courses run in both sessions.

We run Walk Up Evangelism timeslots weekly as an opportunity for students to share the gospel with those on campus in pairs or in 3s. Meet every Monday & Thursday at 12pm, Tuesday at 2pm & Friday at 1pm in front of the Forgan Smith Clocktower on the Great Court.

Wednesday afternoon Kickback is a relaxed way to end the week. Drop in anytime between 2-4pm to play some sport, board games, or just hangout under the tree in front of Forgan Smith (Bldg 1), University Drive.

FOCUS on Friday nights (6pm) is our main event for international students to study the Bible in an accessible way, and to enjoy dinner together. FOCUS meets at UQ Chaplaincy | Building 38, Room 102.