Postgraduates and Staff

Christians in academia

We are a community of postgradate students, academics and university staff at the University of Queensland.

Our vision for ES Postgrads and Staff is to be a community of Christians committed to living for Jesus and making him known at university.

Everyone's welcome, even if you're just wanting to investigate Christianity!

AFES Mission

We are part of Evangelical Students at UQ, and share the mission of AFES - to proclaim Jesus Christ at university. Our particular focus, however, is among postgraduate students, academics and staff at the university.

“In prayerful dependence on God, AFES proclaims Jesus Christ at university to present everyone mature in Him, by building student groups that evangelise, encourage, train and send.”

Contact us

Would you like to find out more? Let us know what you're interested in, and we'll be in touch.

What we do

Throughout the year we run a range of Uni Bible Talks, Bible study groups, and occasional training seminars, camps and socials.