Uni Bible Talks

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Uni Bible Talks are our main public meetings for ES because it’s an opportunity for us to meet with Christians and to hear God’s Word taught by one of our ES staff.

It’s also a great opportunity for us to pray to God, hear the Bible read, and be reminded of important things coming up in ES.

Who can come along?

As with any ES meeting, anyone is welcome to come along! We invite all our regulars as well as those investigating Jesus to join us as we learn from the Bible and its implications for life.

When are they and where do I go?

We believe that the most important thing we do is to gather around God’s word as his people. So because everyone has different timetables, we offer two opportunities to hear the same Bible Talk.

Here are our confirmed room bookings for our Uni Bible Talks in 2016, Sem. 1…

Tue 12pm @ UQ Chaplaincy Center (Bldg 38)

Wed 12pm @ UQ Chaplaincy Center (Bldg 38)