Our COVID style mid-year gathering

20 - 23 July 2020

It’s not our typical Mid-Year Conference, but it’s our COVID style mid-year gathering - around the Word, in Community, for God’s mission.

In Bible Talks, small groups and seminars, we're going to hear together Jesus' teaching on the Last Days.


Under the current curcumstances, we're not able to meet together all in one place.

Instead, we're going to meet in a number of church halls around Brisbane and Gatton. We understand, however, that not everyone will be able to attend in person, so we also have a fully online option.

If you need help getting to your reGather venue, or you're able to give others a lift, there’s a place on the rego form below to nominate that – and someone will be in contact with you in the days before reGather to coordinate transport.


To keep each other safe, there will be no food provided for reGather - you will need to bring your own snacks and lunch.


1. Please stay at home if you are unwell or have a cough, fever, sore throat, fatigue or shortness of breath, and participate online.

2. You must not attend (but you can participate at home, online) if:
- You have been in close contact with a person who is positive for COVID-19
- You are positive for COVID-19
- You have travelled overseas or to a declared COVID-19 Hotspot in the previous 14 days

3. If you become unwell during reGather, please notify the staffworker at your venue (their contact details will be provided a few days out from reGather).

4. Please remember to physically distance 🙂

We'd encourage you to download the Commonwealth Government’s COVID-19 app prior to coming. (But this is at your own discretion).


Payment by Direct Deposit or Credit/Debit Card is required when you register below.

Registration closes 11pm Tuesday 14 July.

We understand that due to unforeseen circumstances some students may be unable to attend reGather even after they have registered and paid. The running of reGather requires us to commit to certain costs in the weeks beforehand. For this reason, we regret that we may be unable to issue a full refund to students in the event of a change or cancellation of registration after Tuesday 14th July, 2020. Registration is now closed.