Leaders Retreat

Leaders Retreat
A camp for ES leaders to be... affirmed // equipped // sent

1 -3 February 2022

The start of the year is a valuable time for ES leaders to get together, get excited and get ready. Leaders Retreat this year is two fantastic half days of Bible teaching, practical training, prayer, planning and fellowship together.

We’ll have three hubs comprised of two faculties at each (locations TBA). This will still be a great way to start the year encourage in God’s Word together, committed to his mission together and in warm fellowship with one another.

The timing of the hubs is staggered so that each group can begin their two days with a Bible talk from our new Campus Staff Team Leader Steve Lister. The schedule is below. If it’s a morning session it will finish with lunch, if it’s an afternoon session we’ll start with lunch.

  • Science & Health – Tuesday & Wednesday morning (10am-1pm)
  • HASS & BEL – Tuesday & Wednesday afternoon (2pm-5pm, Lunch from 1pm)
  • EAIT & Focus – Wednesday & Thursday morning (10am-1pm)