A camp for returning ES students to... get together // get excited // get ready

10 - 12 February 2020

The start of the year is a valuable time for returning ES students to get together, get excited and get ready. KickStart is three fabulous days of Bible teaching, practical training, prayer, planning and fun together at Camp Tamborine.

We’ve chosen a number of electives for you to choose from. These aim to prepare you not just for ministry on campus, but in practical ways to live with Jesus in our modern world.

And finally, we’ve got some important things to do to get ready for Orientation Week. This is so we can meet and welcome in to ES a new generation of students eager to live for and proclaim Jesus Christ at university.

Getting there

If you need help getting to camp, or can give others a lift, there’s a place on the rego form below to nominate that – and someone will be in contact with you in the days before camp to coordinate transport.

Camp Tamborine
28-32 Keswick Road, North Tamborine
10am Mon 10th - 2pm Wed 12th Feb., 2020


Registration will be made available to current students close to the date of the camp. Payment by Direct Deposit or Credit/Debit Card is required when you register.