Bible Study Groups

Our Bible Study Groups are an awesome way to get into the Bible for yourself and learn from others in the context of a small group.

In ES we run our Bible Study Groups in three Faculty Groups, First Years, plus another one for international students called FOCUS. It’s a great way to connect with people from your faculty, and who may even be in the same lectures as you!

Whether you’re used to reading the Bible, or have only just begun investigating Jesus you’re very welcome to join us at one of groups below. Scroll down to find the times for your Faculty Network. Don’t try to be a Christian on your own at uni, join a Bible Study Group in your Faculty Network… 🙂

Key… Sci-Health = Science and Health     HumBEL = Humanities, Business, Economics and Law
EAIT = Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology     BSG = Bible Study Group


All our  Bible Study Groups gather first at the base of the Forgan Smith (Bldg 1) “clocktower” on the Great Court side. Then, weather permitting, will usually be in the shade on the grass nearby.


First Years

In Semester 1 we run Bible Study Groups especially for First Year students. Here you can get to know your own cohort of students, as well as to get to know who we are too – what Evangelical Students is on about and why we think you’ll want to join this mission on campus at UQ!

We have groups which meeting at the following times…

  • Mon 11am
  • Tue 11am
  • Wed 11am
  • Thu 11am


For students whose primary field of study is in the Social Sciences, Humanities, or Business, Economics and Law (HumBEL) faculties then this is your Faculty Network!

Science & Health

For students whose primary field of study is in Science, or Health Sciences (Sci-Health) then this is your Faculty Network!

Engineering, Architecture & IT

For students whose primary field of study is in Engineering, Architecture or Information Technology (EAIT), this is your Faculty Network.



FOCUS is for our international students as they learn about the Bible and what it means to live for Jesus. Head over to the FOCUS page to learn more about what’s on in FOCUS.