Bible Study Groups

Bible Study Groups

Our bible study groups (BSGs) start in week 1* Semester 2, and meet together each week to study a bible passage, encourage each other and pray together. Each faculty runs their own bible study groups, though if the times for your faculty don't work for you you are welcome to attend another faculty's group :)

In the graphical timetable below you can see the times for BSGs for each faculty. The faculties and locations they meet in are as follows:
BEL = students studying business, commerce, economics or law | BEL students meet on the lawn outside Colin Clark
EAIT = students studying engineering, architecture or information technology | meet at the Natural Amphitheater
Health = students studying health, therapies or behavioural sciences | meet outside the UQ Art Museum
Humanities = students studying humanities or social science | meet at the Clocktower (middle of Forgan Smith Building (Building 1), the Great Court side)
Medicine = medicine students | meet at meet at the Clocktower (middle of Forgan Smith Building (Building 1), the Great Court side)
PACE = pharmacy students based at PACE | meet at the Student Interactive Learning Space at PACE. * PACE Bible studies start week 5.
Postgrad = Postgrad students (any discipline) or university staff | meet at Genies Cafe
Science = students in science degrees | meet at the Alumni Court

This timetable includes faculty prayer meetings where there is time set aside for that. Faculties also run social events throughout the semester - check with your bible study leaders or look out for events on Facebook to find socials for your faculty.

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