Beach Ball

ES Beach Ball

Wednesday 30 September, 2020

Each year we've held a Ball to join together to celebrate the year we've had, to have fun with each other and as a fundraiser to raise money for the staff. Unfortunately due to COVID, we are not having a typical ball... BUT we are still having an ES (beach)ball! It will be on the Wednesday of mid sem break, so make sure to seas the day and lock in the date for a great day together!

The day will involve chilling on the beach, games, and a best inflatable dressed competition (the funnier and crazier the better). Wait and see for more details on this! Of course with everything happening with COVID-19, we will be keeping our eyes open for current restrictions which could impact our gathering (either changing how it is run or postponing/ cancelling). We want to be remembering to adhere to the government and be loving to our neighbours.

Getting there

If you need help getting there, or can give others a lift, there’s a place on the rego form below to nominate that – and someone will be in contact with you the day before to coordinate transport.

Location TBC
Aim to arrive at 10am