What’s on

These are some of the things that happen each week in ES in 2016, Semester 1.

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Uni Bible Talks

These are our main public meetings where we hear the Bible taught by one of our Staffworkers. We meet in the UQ Chaplaincy Centre (Bldg 38) in the large open area downstairs. Then come meet afterwards us for lunch in the Great Court to hang out, or to keep on chatting about God’s word.

This semester we’ll be considering the confidence we have in Christ from the New Testament book of Hebrews.


Bible Study Groups

Get into God’s Word with other Christians in small groups! We have 1st Year groups as well as groups hosted by the following faculty groups…

  • Sci-Health — Science and Health related students;
  • EAIT —Engineering, Architecture and IT students;
  • HumBEL — Humanities, Business, Economics & Law.

All Bible Study Groups and Prayer Meetings meet in the Great Court at the base of the Forgan Smith clock-tower.


Friday Arvo Sport

Unwind with some social sport or chatting on the grass on the other side of the Forgan Smith building (Bldg 1). Volleyball, Frisbee, anything fun like that! Drop in anytime.


Convo Club and FOCUS

Conversation Club (Convo Club) is an opportunity for international students to come and practice their English with local Australian students.

Convo Club meets in front of the Forgan Smith building (Bldg 1) under the trees near the ICTE building. Convo Club starts in week 3.

FOCUS helps international students make friends and learn about God, Jesus & Christianity.

FOCUS meets outside the Prentice building (Bldg 42) for snacks at 4:30pm and Bible study at 5pm, and dinner together around 7pm.


Prayer Meetings

Prayer is a privilege of the people of God. And because our heavenly Father longs to hear our prayers we have some dedicated times in the week to pray for each other, our campus as well as the growth of the gospel throughout Australia and the world.

Like Bible Study Groups, Prayer Meetings meet in the Great Court at the base of the Forgan Smith clock-tower. You’re welcome to join in anytime.